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The Association's Vocational Training Department (VTD) equips visually handicapped clients with vital vocational skills to prepare them for independent living and open employment. However, jobs are not easy to come by for the visually handicapped, and there is generally very low awareness that a visually handicapped person's vision can be significantly improved with the use of various visual aids available from the Assistive Devices Centre (ADC).

The Association providess various skills training courses to prepare and equip the visually handicapped for employment. Computer literacy courses are also conducted and their proficiency in using the Internet is equivalent to that of a

sighted person. Members are also trained to do telemarketing and there is strong potential for promotion of products and services through the Association's telemarketing infrastructure.

In this section we hope to reach out to employers who might have projects in which the Association can come into collaboration with. 

Here are some of our services:

Telephony / Telemarketing Service

Since the set up of the telemarketing centre at SAVH, many visually handicapped telemarketers have been trained and were given another avenue for employment, to lead more independent lives.

The telemarketers are employed by companies to market various products ranging from printing services, insurance to selling cleaning services. They also receive on-going training at the call centre. Training workshops are organized on a regular basis to refresh their skills.


The centre is equip with accessibilty features that is different from the other call centers in Singapore. Each station is specially equipped with assistive technology to assist the telemarketers in their daily tasks. For example, each computer is fitted with screen reader software and a voice synthesizer to enable the visually handicapped telemarketer to type in their reports at the end of the day, to be faxed or emailed to their respective employers. All the telemarketers are required to have computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Email and Internet skills.

Our telemarketers work from 8 am to 5pm. Products and services marketed include conference tickets, Christmas and Chinese New Year cards, fund raising, etc. For more information or enquiries, please contact Mr Leow Chee Tsai at 62514331 ext. 151 or email leowct@savh.org.sg


Massage Services

The Massage Training Programme was started in 1992. With the support and funding from the Rotary Club (Raffles City) in 1997, the new SAVH Massage Training Centre (MTC) was set up and a new structured programme was introduced. Massage techniques taught includes:

  • Aroma Therapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Head and Shoulder Massage

These training programmes are taught by instructors from established International massage agencies such as the Singapore Association of I-Ching Studies, Spirit Shiatsu Association and Raworth Asia Pte Ltd. Upon successful completion of the various courses, the vision impaired clients obtain professional certification.

With the relevant massage skills, vision impaired persons now have an opportunity to earn a living independently and some have even set up their own business in this area.

Our certified visually handicapped masseurs are very successful and at present they provide head and shoulder massage and foot reflexology to companies and individuals in the comfort of their own offices or homes.

Head and Shoulder Massage - $12 per 20 minutes.
Foot Reflexology - $12 per 20 minutes.

For bookings or enquiries, please contact our Mobile Massage Co-ordinator at 6251 4331 ext 163 or e-mail mmt@savh.org.sg.


Bizlink Centre Singapore

Bizlink Centre Singapore is a centralised employment agency for persons with special needs. For those who cannot work in regular employment, Bizlink runs a production workshop to allow them to make a living doing subcontract work. Revenues secured from the jobs pay their wages.

Bizlink is a sister agency of SAVH and some subcontract work is sourced out by Bizlink for SAVH.

Services offered are:

  • Mailing
  • Assembly works
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Packaging
  • Silkscreen printing

Visit their website at http://www.bizlink.org.sg.
Address: Blk 512 Chai Chee Lane #01-07/09 Bedok Industrial Estate, Singapore 469028
Tel: 64495652 
Fax: 64496594






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